‘There’s only one winner in betting – and that’s the bookie’ – so we are told every single day.

The thing is, when it comes to football betting, the bookies make 99% of their money from folk doing daft bets, accumulators, first goal scorers and such guff.

Here’s the facts – home odds are artificially short – bookies don’t want you to bet on home wins as they are most likely to come in. Away odds are nonsense. Draw odds are (usually) just about right but nobody bets on draws do they? …..

There are just two things guaranteed in a football fixture:- 1, It starts at 0:0 2. The goals are 8 yards x 8ft.

Anyway, we won’t do into our algorithm here and how it delves into past results, goals scored, goals conceded, league placings, team news etc… just look at our results.