Currently trading over £9.8m of client funds, our parent company, Bentley Intelligence Ltd., now delivers it’s trades straight through to this portal.

We monitor the weight of money / signals on the highly developed Asian markets. These markets then shape the global soccer markets and we’ll give you the opportunity to be ahead of the game  using our contacts / knowledge within Asia.

The result, quite simply, is that subscribers can access a simplified version of Bentley Global’s Artificial Intelligence Algorithm (Algol888) by paying a monthly subscription.

Bentley Intelligence Ltd. trade  on global football matches on the Asian betting markets. This is not a “get rich quick scheme”. The Company utilises tried and tested investment techniques, discipline, risk and money management allied to a rich understanding as to how the betting markets are formed. The result is a small but definite edge which the Company uses to derive significant returns for itself and it’s clients.

Below are the actual  results for two private clients on our trading platform, one who joined last September investing £20k and one who invested in early January this year to the tune of £500k!