The trading strategy for our Bentley Intelligence Bond focuses on ensuring long-term and consistent profits for our clients via a complex trade which is a derivative from 3 highly liquid betting markets on global soccer matches.
At SkinInTheGame we are giving access to a “lite” version of the system which is geared towards a wider audience who would not necessarily have access to the gaming partners with whom we trade but who also want to enjoy the benefits of a secondary income source.
To that end, we’re releasing a “lite” version of our algorithm where we currently trade £9m on behalf of over 250 high net worth clients.
We are building our web app right now but, whilst that is in development, we’ll do everything by email.
So, no upfront fees or subscriptions – simple profit share at 90/10 !
Here’s how it works….. we’ll put our tips on the site, you place the bets and, at the end of the month, we’ll send you a polite request for our 10%. We don’t receive our commission, you get struck off the list.


To pre-register, head over to Our Mobile Site which will soon be morphing into a mobile app.